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Unique Memorials By Carey Monuments

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Monuments and headstones are everlasting. Carey Monuments understands the importance of memorialization. They tell who we are and where we come from, so finding the right one is exceptionally important. We offer a wide selection of monuments in various styles and materials so you can find the best one for your loved one.

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Choosing The Right Monument

With so many monument types to choose from, it can be daunting deciding which memorial is best for either yourself or a loved one. That's why at Carey Monuments we meet with you one-on-one to go over every option. We consider your budget, stylistic preferences and even burial site to help you choose a memorial best suited for your family.

Monument Styles

  • Single Monument - Single monuments mark a single plot. They can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. At Carey Monument, we help personalize your monument to commemorate your loved one's life.
  • Companion Monument - Companion monuments mark a dual cemetery plot and showcase a family's name. The monument uniquely represents the family's name. Each one is carefully crafted to create a meaningful tribute to honor the family.
  • Benches - Bench monuments provide a unique memorial option since they can be easily incorporated in parks and other public places where you can come and remember your loved one.
  • Bevel & Slant Monument - These monument types are characterized by a slanted monument face which can provide ease for reading.
  • Child Monument - We want to help bring comfort to your family by offering monuments that are tailored for your beloved child.
  • Markers - markers are stone memorials that rest flush with the ground.
  • Veteran Monuments - Military memorials honor the brave men and women who have protected our freedom. You will find that our veteran monuments remember the heroism of our veterans and pay special tribute to their bravery and sacrifice.
  • Mausoleums - Mausoleums are free-standing memorials that house urns of loved ones.
  • Pet Memorials - Just like the people in your life, pets are endearing companions that deserve to be remembered. At Carey Monuments, we can design a thoughtful monument for your pet in any style of your choosing.

Monument Techniques

  • Shape Carving - This monument style technique is used for more detailed aspects of monuments designs such as florals. Outlines are carved into the stoned followed by shaping the interior for a more 3-dimensional look.
  • Flat Carving - Flat carving is a technique where the design is carved onto the surface of the monument.
  • Laser Etching - laser etching is a unique monument design process that utilizes a diamond-tip tool to cut through polished granite to create highly detailed designs including images.

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